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To elevate South African music through sustainable skills development.


Imagine every school child can play some musical instrument. Imagine rising in song at a sporting event and every person next to you has a command over his vocal abilities. Imagine music which is creative, innovative, and appealing – music which is constructed by the careful hands of a highly skilled craftsman.


Now imagine that every person listening can understand what they are hearing. Every person can appreciate the chords chosen, feel the energy in the vocal tone and sense the subtly of different shadings of sound. An environment where exploration and creativity triumph over banality and the mundane. A place where musicians seek to grow their ability and hone their craft and audiences crave interesting, well-crafted music.


This is a place where everybody – from the labourer to the business executive is a musician. A place where everyone has been shown the infinite scope for music to move you, to communicate, to connect. This is the space where South African arts will shine as beacons of greater knowledge, expression, creativity and skill.




To connect those that can teach with those that want to learn.


At Super Duper Music School, it is our mission to connect eager learners with skilled and passionate tutors, who seek to ignite a lifelong appreciation of music into their students. We wish to get every single South African up to a basic level of musical literacy, just as they must reach certain levels of numeracy and literacy.


To do this, we must focus on attracting the most driven and knowledgeable tutors into our ranks, empower them to understand the ideas behind successful music teaching and enable them to go out and spread their skills to the world.


It is our mission to ignite the fire inside the hearts of all South Africans, to speak to the creativity and expressiveness that lives within all of us, and then teach them the language to allow them to speak.


‘I truly believe that a world full of musicians would be a much better world to live in.’

Johan van Rooyen, founder of Super Duper Music School

The Lessons

  • Lessons are offer in selected areas around Johannesburg and Pretoria
  • Tutors travel to the student for the lessons
  • Your monthly lesson fee includes the tutor’s travel time as well as all necessary teaching materials
  • Students are matched with tutors that we feel would be a good match for the student
  • We happily accept students as young as 5 and older. We have got several students that are older that 80 that are learning very nicely
  • Tutors can offer lessons at late as 19:00, but availability cannot be guaranteed
  • We regularly put students through internationally accredited exams and routinely achieve outstanding results
  • Tutors are experienced and thoroughly checked before being assigned to new students
  • The Super Duper Music School has an online lesson tracking system, so clients can be sure of what lessons they have had
  • Lessons are all one-on-one

‘I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music.’

Albert Einstein